this week.....

dont you just want to squeeze him!?!? dillon that is.
we get such a kick out of dillon @ lessons---his facial expression never changes--he loves the water---but you would never know it! but we would know if he did not like it! so i am happy to know he will be a fish and a pro wakeboarder someday! but he would much rather look @ the ceiling--as you can see in the picture with drew!
he loves his stroller and his bath time!
  • dillon had swimming lessons
  • we all went out with friends on friday night for dinner
  • we are getting over colds
  • grilled for the first time---i love MN springtime (i love burgers)
  • got the boat out of storage (which is drews parents farm)
  • drew cleaned the garage!
  • yard work
  • had a stroller ride
  • i am back @ work
  • loving our weekend with dillon!
  • d loves daycare--much more than mommy! the kids could not be happier to have him there! and barb is wonderful!!! :)
  • did patty cake i think 1000 times!
  • we had company today-gramma/grandpa b, jj, mike, jack, great gramm and grandpa r!
  • dillon went to bed tontie @ 6:30.... he was wiped out after his bath and a long day
  • we are watching nascar! of course!!!
  • and today is national scrapbooking day and i have not even stepped foot in my room--i think i might go do that now!
  • i have been making headbands like a crazy women!
  • laundry laundry and more laundry--it never ends!!!!!


Breanne Crawford said...

love that pic where it looks like dillons looking for his daddy... have a great week!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'm glad daycare is going well. I know that's tough on the mommy!

You are such a stylish mom - sporting a headband while in the swimming pool!!!

Billie said...

Every week I pick a picture of Dillon from your post and use it as my computer background. He changes so fast AND each week there is a picture cuter than the week before. However...I do not see how there could be a cuter picture than the bathtime one from this post. I think this might take up residence on my computer for awhile. Every time I close an application it looks like he is saying "Oh! Aunt Billie! I am so happy and surprised to see you again!"

BetsE said...

Hey just gets cuter and cuter! Can't wait to see him again!!


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