so pumped!

click HERE to see who won the latest scrapjack prize..... thanks so much scrapjack ladies!! i loved all of the jacks.... it is so fun to see everyones version!
we are still on vacation.. but got on randomly today and saw that i won and it made my day!!! thanks ladies!


Michelle Sanders said...

You totally rocked this jack!

pakosta said...

you rockedit big time!!!!! LOVE YOUR WORK SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love your blog!

amber b said...

congrats miss meg! this is TWO that you have won!! HURRAY!!!

Billie said...

Congratulations, Meagan! Hope you and Andrew are having a WONDERFUL time on vacation! Say hi to Chris and Molly for me!

Michelle said...

Congrats on winning. You did a stunning job!


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