rain rain go away......come again

or not.
getting up this morning to rain....yuck!
the grass needs it and my garden probably needs it too... but i just want summer to come and stay!
the dogs went home yesterday! thye were good all weeknd.... just a lot of barkng for no reason! lilly the little one is the fastest little dog i have ever seen.... we had a good time! :)
did tons of laundry! heaps of laundry.......
drew caught tons of trout up north..... brought some home.. he is stuper stoked to eat them!
just some fun pics of my sister in law and friend jenn & i last weekend! :) love you miss jenn!

missing the beach..... and the sun and the relaxation!
and it was my grammas 81st birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMMA! i love you and i hope you get better soon!

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