whoop whoop

as i would say to drew when i am excited with my hands in the air!! not sure why but he thinks it is kind of dorky..... :)
today i say it b/c i am stoked that i am on the scrapjacked page HERE!
lately i have in a bit of a funk with scrapping but today i got just a couple of my pics developed.... and am going to get some fun pages done! :)
no golf tonite b/c of the weather!
so american idol, law & order SVU and criminal minds are going to get all of my attention tonite! :) i obviosuly need a life if that is going to be my whole night! drew is gone in GF for a meeting...so i have the house to myself-----wish i was in more of a mood to get something important done. but cuddled under a blanket with the fireplace on sounds good to me!

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Billie said...

Awesome, Meagan! Hope you enjoyed your quiet night in front of the fire...




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