put it in a bottle

the 2 top pics of my j and j niece and nephew........ are just too cute... love those pics mandy hope you dont mind i jacked them to post!!!!

this is what i wish i could do with moments or days that i love!
i wish i could bottle them up and keep them forever! or have it all on video
there really is nothing better than a day where all you do is laugh!

gramma is getting better.
back in fargo but so much better
patty (my grammas sister) and my mom and dad came and stayed with us last night
they left now and went back to hospital
drew went out fishing @ 5:30 am---opener in MN today
i am comtemplating how we are going to make a entertainment center work in our living room
had a great breakfast! thansk dad!
mothers day tomorrow. happy mothers day to all of you mothers out there!
my cat hates company
dad is building me shelves for my entry way closet! i am so excited
he wants to build me like a million things... but of course i never get the plans done!
we leave for CA in less than two weeks! so excited to see the SCHAEFERS!!!!!
the dock and ist are in the water! summer is here!
now it is raining
just talked to my brother and it is snowing @ his house!! what the **** it is may 10th today the snow was supposed to be gone one month ago!!!

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BetsE said...

Looks like I need to come and organize your scrapbook room! :) Miss you and hope to see you soon!


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