love this......

and to think she was about not to come out with us!! so glad she did!

Hello my fello cousins,

We had planned an innocent evening of dance and karoke. Our adorable blonde and handsome relatives from ND have arrived in town via convertible. The blonde was fully prepared (unbeknowest to us) with a professional camera. The evening was surreal. I'll never forget it.
I mean, how lucky can a 53 year old woman get?
It started off near the popcorn machine across the room, very innocently.
A few guys hangin out,
movin their bodies to the music very simply.
One guy starts to move away from his buddies...........taking the innocent eyes of the crowd with him
The rest is a blur.
I think the blonde bombshell relative was is in the bathroom. Missing in action.
It was impossible to leave our seats to retrieve her. It was a once in a lifetime moment.........don't blink.
Its over.
I remember gold sequinced bikini underwear.............I remember a male "Flashdance" and a chair on stage. Lots of screamin..cheerin..laughing
I remember later that evening a photo shoot with him- the handsome cousin clickin away while every female in the vincintiy flocks to the male flashdancer as if to be famous one day. ( The effects of alcohol have no shame)
Life is good.

this is drews cousin from cali writing to his parents after we had left........we are the blonde and handsome man!! :) she is too funny!
more to come!!!

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Michelle said...

Too funny. Sounds like you missed out on something big.


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