idol is on.. who is going home......

i am sitting here watching idol---i am so excited david cook is SAFE!! and of course now we have been waiting to see who is going home......i hate the suspense!!!
you need to check out these pictures my sister took of her kids @ the laundr0mat... and of course everything else she has on her site! she is an amazing photgrapher!! and has some amazingly cute kids too!! i sure have the cutest nieces and nephews ever!!! click HERE!

--i am back again from florida but this time with my sister!! we had such a good time--except for our long tiring trip home!!! saturday her nanny got married--so she was photgraphing! i was her helper for the day! we had a blast and the pictures turned out so awesome! we did some investigating our ocean life--we learned alot. sanibel has the most amazing beaches.... it is all shells and when the tide goes down it is just crazy beautiful! we saw dolphins---which we first thought were sharks and we about to starting yelling SHARK!!! to the people out deeper... thanks goodness we did not--b/c they were only dolphins coming to hang out! we went clamming or digging-----and learned how they dig themselves back under.... saw a star fish... and i could go on and on about ocean life!!!!
we had a great time! thanks mandy for such a fun trip!!!! i love you
some of my friends and i started golf lessons last night!! so much fun---he told us all "not to quit are day jobs" but followed that up with "not yet atleast".... well i for one can admit i am not good----i have a great bag--it is a bit old.... my grammas from way back when....so darn cute though! maybe i will even get a new bag and clubs if i get good..... but at this point i would rather have a cute purse or shoes.....

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amber b said...

next time you & drew come to w-town bring your clubs!!! it is only $10 to golf in Warren. i'm sure it would take us all day to finish 9 holes, BUT, it would be SO fun! :)


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