sunday night

i love sunday nights!
wish it did not follow up with Monday but i still love the relaxing nights!
it was a rough week here @ our house.
drew gone mon-wed. both kids super sick and whiny all week.
they had every right to be.
friday we went to the doctor.
dillon=pneumonia and pres more fluid in her ears!!!
it has been one after another for her in the last 2 months!
but they are back to normal!
happy, laughing, playing and being silly and
fighting like any good brother and sister would do!!!

watching the AMA's! great music and some crazy outifts!
loving the people that actually sing. pretty sure J Lo has not actually sang a word yet!
drew just got home from the SIOUX hockey game in Bemidji.
(we lost for the first time to them in 40 years) YIKES! so tired he said and goodnight!

do you ever wonder if you are doing it right!!??!
being the best mother you can be?
the best friend, wife, sister, daughter?
are you teaching your children what they need to know.
are they happy? could you be doing something differently? are you being a good friend?
i do somedays. and today was one of them. sometimes i think it just takes thinking about it that can change what i do in my everyday ways! i hope to be better at each role i play. not only mother, wife, sister, friend, daughter but also teacher, cook, playmate and every other role i play.

have this feeling that this is the week for miss preslee to walk!
only time will tell i guess!

backtracking a couple of weeks!
we had the cutest superman and raggedy ann you could ever find @ our house!!!
the kids had lots of fun trick or treating. we went to a friends in town and walked from there! dillon and his friends got lots of candy and pres and her little friend rode in the wagon!
it was a perfect night to be outside!

too tired to make any sense!
have a good night!

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