this am. it was a fun breakfast for three! yes three. that means preslee was up in time to actually have breakfast with dillon and myslelf. wow! this time change thing has done one good thing...gotten preslee up bf 9:30am! and dillon up bf 7 everyday! (not the bonus)
drew is off to Milwaukee for a conference he was invited to by his home office!!! happy for him to go but super happy when he comes home! we miss him mucho
when he is gone for days and days!!!
excited to have some visitors tomorrow though!

kids are napping. i am so tired but of course not napping! (i wish i could lay down and just sleep but i just cant bc i think of all of the things i need to be doing instead)
catching up on shows and how going to go do some sewing!!!

we had family date night on saturday @ ZORBAZ of course. where else?!?!?
it was a fun night out with not a single meltdown!!!!! now that makes it PERFECT in my eyes!
and preslee has now found a love for salsa! (just like daddy and dillon) she did not care how much her eyes would water she kept eating!

pres and her GF addison!

this is one of these reasons i can not sleep.

this is on my TO DO LIST!

need to get working on cleaning and organizing the playroom. it is jam packed and needs to be cleaned and sorted! it is super hard to get rid of toys but i know it is needed and has to be done at some point-especially since christmas is coming and i know there are toys in our future!

ok off to work and get some things of my LIST!!!


The Badureks said...

LOVE the pic of Addison and PJ!! Of course I have NO problem taking a nap and not worrying about what needs to be done around the house. ;)

Billie said...

It cracks me up that Preslee loves Zorbaz salsa, too!


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