playing catch up

these make me smile!
love the days.. or moments when everyone is happy, smiley, laughing, healthy and playing together!
these make me realize the days that we are having right now being sick and crabby. and getting so sleep. it is all worth it for the days like these.

********love love love**********

1. thanksgiving. mirror family picture! best and only one we got all day!
2. the kids hating on santa. dillon did decide to tell him he wants a bulldozer and steel bins but it was not easy!
3. as you can see preslee enjoyed santa and mrs claus too!
4. we have a walker!
5. just makes me smile looking at that cute face!

preslee was also SUPER EXCITED for all of the black friday deals in the paper!
she could hardly contain her excitement!
someday we will be going out @ midnight -5am together!!!!

in even more exciting news!!!!
we have a new nephew! Max Richard Birdwell was born this afternoon @ 12:31.
He is perfect in every way and a big boy. 8lbs 15oz. i am oh so excited to get my hands on him! sadly i have to wait until monday. 5 days......i can do it right!??!?! i am itching to get on the road right now. but with two sick kids and no where for them to go... i better stay put and go next week! can not wait to see my sister again and her beautiful family of

other news.

miss pj is walking. well i should say she can walk. but does she?!?!
not very often. she still thinks crawling is still faster!

she changed from our sweet and sassy little girl to a fiery redhead overnight!
(but went to the doctor and we have two kids with double ear infections again)
so maybe it is the sickness again or maybe she is this feisty. only time will tell i guess.

************she may be a bit feisty. but she sure is cute!***********

the kids with their cousin jack. and soon we will have another cousin.
auntie jj is expecting in april!!!
2. last week we spent 6 days in mnpls @ the birdwells. so fun to be there with them. we celebrated chases 3rd birthday (pirates). shopped. played games. had a "sprinkle" for mandy. lots of scrabble. nana and papa were there too. the kids have so much fun together. dillon was for sure not ready to come home! we are excited to go back and play again next week!

so excited for Christmas and for once we are almost done shopping. and as in we i mean me. i do all of the shopping.... and wrapping. but i would not have it any other way. i love shopping. and even though it is getting way more expensive to buy for kids of the family.. and harder when they are older. it is still exciting and fun for me!

love how much dillons loves to farm. he could farm all day.
we can never have enough trucks, tractors, bails and animals.
we also have a little bit of monster truck love too bc of his cousins.
we even have ramps that papa built us.

today he "the farmer" was feeding his cows the hay he bailed! he plays so quietly and intently. he loves to read his books about farming and how all of the machines work!
preslee loves anything dillon loves with the addition of babies! it really is amazing how kids are wired. we walk through the aisles at the store and dillon is yelling "i want that truck" and preslee is repeating "baby baby baby" over and over again!

lets hope the kids are sleeping now for the night.
poor preslee just keeps coughing and coughing!!! poor girl.
some time for some sewing now and the show REVENGE!
is it bad that i ate a whole bag of frosted animal crackers today?!?!?! it got me through.
but now i do not have any for tomorrow. hope the kids are feeling better!

I may not be anything to you but I am everything to my two amazing kids.

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