this time of year for this family means hunting...hunting and a little more hunting!
drew could barely contain himself as he was getting ready to go with his buddies to their deer camp. lets just hope the rain stays away. snow i am told would be ok but now rain! even if it rained all weekend i am not sure they would all come home!
he deserves it! and so happy that he loves it so much.
next week we go to ND to hunt on my parents land.

funny conversations from today
((oh how i could wish i could remember all of the funny things that are said during our constant daily talks))
ME- "we need to stop eating cookies b.c we were going to eat supper @ jj's house"
DILLON "are we out of dinner @ our house"

DILLON "why are we driving daddy's car?

ME "daddy drove our car hunting"

DILLON "to get deer"

ME "yes he is going to catch deer"

DILLON "does he catch them in a net"
ME ....... um um um... and then changed the subject bc i did not want to give him the details
of what actually happens.
but when we got to jj's she enlisghtened him on how it happens
"you shoot and scare the deer so they stop and then they catch them"
he was satisfied with that.

kids in bed. me catching up on some of my TIVO.
blogging and maybe just maybe some online shopping.
so many things on my WANT list. wish i could move them all to my NEED list.
but not sure drew would believe all of the UPS deliveries were NEEDED!

put this vintage letter P on preslee's wall when she born. ((we took them off a building that was being tore down here in town. ((me 7 months pregnant, windiest day of the year, my dad up on a ladder. my mom and i reminding him not to break the letters! The things parents do for their kids!))
left it brown and finally painted it.
oh how i love how it looks!

our daily lives.
playing outside, messing up the house. me on the roof. drew is too scared of heights-so i get up and get the gutters cleaned. jumping on the beds. cuddles. playing with friends. laundry. books. the "backyard". swimming. nap time!. and of course more messes for mommy to clean up!

had girls weekend last thur-sunday! we had so much fun! could not ask for more.

this weekend. tonight kids had some time with auntie jj while i got to go with a girlfriend to PATINA WHITE's open house! oh so much to look @.
then home kids in bed.
tomorrow craft show. playtime with friends. and maybe some pool time too!
then daddy will be home sunday!!!
need to get halloween pictures posted. maybe tomorrow at naptime! too tired!
good night all.

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