that is my shrieking the other day as i looked and looked again through the

i had been stalking the UPS man for days online and once even on the phone trying to figure out when it would be @ my house... and they day it came i forgot. my MIL stopped over and found it in the door. my excitement had worn off a little. but it is back. love seeing my name in the index!! SO FUN!
dillon wants to look @ "mommy's book" . over and over again. he loves finding himself.

now my goal is to get preslee in a book!

kids in bed.
drew watching racing or something down stairs.
me=having donuts (yum) and watching SVU. and i saw this one a couple of weeks ago.
but i can never get enough. trying to figure out my new phone. long story but goes something like this. wed. dillon deactivated my phone. no idea how. d&p and i go to verizon to get it fixed. as we were waiting. he looks @ me and says
"mama phone in water". i look up and see a huge sign with a phone sitting in a glass of water. ((nice advertising!?!!) obvsiously wanting you to get insurance. well it should have sold me. i used to have it but recently stopped it.... move ahead two days. our friends were here picking up their daughter. drew handed dillon a glass of water. as we were talking i hear once again
"mama phone in water" in the cutest little voice ever.
yes he put it right in the glass.
so now=me with a new phone. i really wanted the phone i had. of course i can not get it anymore. and the only touch screens that i can get i HAVE to have the internet. i DO NOT WANT IT!!! i do not want it in my purse. @ the library. @ lunch, on a date or out with my friends. but i had no choice. so here i am with a new phone. which is wonderful......i just called verizon and they do have 2 available that i can order. touch screen with no web!!!

excited to see that "the wiggles" tickets are not as expensive as i once thought.
when i first heard they were coming to GF i immediatly started looking for tickets. why did i now go to ticketmaster... not sure but when i looked I saw tickets for $95-175 each. really. for our little family of four it would have cost about $500. not including the 4 hour round trip in a gas guzzler.... but today i was searching (on my new phone) for itunes music. yes i will admit it i was looking for "the wiggles" cd's so we can be ready for the show. but there was a link to tickets. the highest price is only $75.
and they are all gone.....but row 8 is open!!!
(thank you bets and hayden for getting us addicted)

1. this is dillons i am not guilty face. as we were playing the other day i turn my head and when i turn back he has blue chalk lining his mouth! obviosuly he had a blue chalk in his mouth. i asked him if he put something in his mouth and this is the look he gives me as he says "NO...NOPE"

2. it was fishing opener in MN!!! drew went out this am with mike and jack. in the cold cold rain. they did catch a couple. and jenn and i went to a jewelry party!
so this afternoon dillon and drew did some fishing off the dock. dillon said he got lots of big fish. but drew said they really only had one on the hook. but lost it.

3. pj looks just like dillon did HERE. seeing her face i had to run and get the camera. it was such a flash back to exactly how dillon looked.
she is not too close to crawling and has no interest in walking. she will stand. and loves it but the whole having to move your legs is just not her thing. her thing is SLEEPING. yesterday she took a nap from 12-5! her schedule went like this. up @ 8. breakfast. 9 she needed a nap. up @ 10:15. down @ 12. up @ 5. ate. back to bed @ 7:15. got up this am @ 7:45.
oh to have her life!!! i know i am her mom but my little pj is really the happiest baby girl ever.
i just wish she would stop growing. almost 10months. this is just cruel for me having to start thinking about her 1st birthday. YIKES!!!

this was preslee's first bath tonight w.o her tub ring. in the tub w.o dillon we do not need it.
but when dillon is in there she can barely stay upright in her ring. she laughs so hard @ dillon that it is safer in the ring for all of us .and she has not even been in the bath by herself since she upgraded to the big bath. wow to be a second child. the things you sacrifice.

i can not get enough of this smile. and her dimples! xoxoxo

i am off to bed.

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amber b said...

I didnt know you were having SIX pages published! wahoo congrats!! :)


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