why cant we be nieghbors?!?!?!? they could play every night.
(wishing my sister and her family lived down the street-i love the days we can spend together)

we have. we were. we did.
auntie jj and uncle mike had their wedding reception in town
have been sick. pres and myself. pres never gets down. me yes.
today is the first day i feel normal. kind of i should say!

dillon is on a sleep over with grandma b. (oh thank you thank you thank you)

girls night out tonight with three of my favorite girls. (2 of them made a huge mess)

drew is off golfing.

dillon thinks he is the boss... which he so is NOT!!
terrible two's have started.... yikes. help!!!!
dock and boat lift are in the water
. boat not here yet.
my mom and dad came to visit. so fun having them here.

loving my girl friends. i love you all!
thanks for being such great girls!

ok ok he might be the boss sometimes. seriously why do we give in?!?!?!
i am way better @ giving advice than i am following it.
( i know i ramble on and on. but this is mt diary...my baby book my everything. and as of late my scrapbook..... oh how i need to get back to that)
speaking of the book i am in should be out any day!!!!! i run to the mail box every day @ 12 to see if it is here yet.... i have been disappointed many days in a row so far. :(
we did a lot of dancing @ the reception.
(i have proof---some that can not be shared)
i have so many pictures to upload. but i better let the bride see them first.
can not believe that osama is gone. our troops are
amazing. thank you to all of the troops and their family's! you truly are HERO's!!!!
hate colored bubbles. they stain everything. do not get them... not as cool as they seem.

funny things dillon says.

we were out of milk. so he looked @ drew and said
"daddy go buy more... store"
his gramma asked asked him where he got his new shows and he says
good guess. but that comes to my next point. oh how i love
zappos! they really are amazing. i ordered one day and the next they were on my door step! really!??!?! amazing!
but back to target. drew says he is after my heart. and that i talk about it.... really do i talk about it... i love love love target.
we have been back playing on the deck.

sitting in the water... getting wet. trying to come in the house. i change him. he goes back out. sits in the water again.. and we start over again........
dillon is obsessed still with toy story.

have had do many park dateS!!! love those days that we can be out and about with the girls and all of the kids!!! can not wait for more sunshine!
have nothing going on for weeks. oh how i love that.

have a fun project to work on tonight as i catch up on my shows!
pres is getting to big. 18.9lbs 27.5in long. (50% percentile for both)

this was
what i wrote @ dillons 9 month
((he is 20lbs 4oz now! exactlty on the 50th percentile for height and weight now!))
wow almost 2 lbs difference.
love criminal minds.
loving housewives of........ ok all of them. my tivo is getting a bit full.
i need a week of vacation to catch up!
on my agenda. DONUTS. my dad made some b.f he came to visit and brought me a couple of bags. oh dad i love you! but since i have been sick. therefor donuts were major no no's. so now i am in need of some. so three are in my bowl covered in sugar....dethawing just a bit to eat. and yes i know de thawing that means freezing in all reality but that is just what i saw. it bugs drew..... so i keep saying it!
can not concentrate anymore on this...... criminal minds is intense!
and my donuts are calling!
be back with more pics from the fun recepetion later after i show the bride!!!

i love all of you girls!!! xoxoxoxoox

dillon got super tired. from all of that dancing!!!!!
oh how i love this face.
i can not get enough of it.

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Cherry Blossoms said...

Adorable photos but the one of Mr. D is too cute for words! Love it!
PS: Your dress is super cute!


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