how did i spend my mothers day.

with sloppy wet kisses. and the best smiles. and squeezes.
what more can a mom ask for?

i think nothing.
happy mothers day to all mothers. especially to my mother and mother in law.
thanks mom for teaching me what it is to be a mom. what is important in life.
we spent the whole day together. and when i say whole i really mean it. dillon woke up @ 2am. he went to bed early after a long day out in the yard. but we did not expect him to be full of energy @ 2am. yikes! just more time to celebrate mom right?!?!
or test my patience maybe.... and he sure did.
he has told me "happy new year" many times this week so far. so he is still celebrating. yes maybe the wrong holiday but celebrating atleast!

both kids in bed. drew in GF. me. i should be cleaning or doing something productive but i am sitting on pinterest. and can not stop. oh how i love this site. whoever invented it is a genius!
searching for mudroom ideas. dreaming of a new kitchen. and many other things. i have so many ideas for changes in our house but the room i am so dreaming of is a new mudroom. or in our case a mudroom @ all. we have such a small entry and with all of the stuff that goes in and out of the house i am in need of a perfect mudroom.

dillon wants to wear him water boots everywhere. with water he is wearing. we wear them to church, the gym (which he asks to go to now all day long) to the park and today i actually talked him in to wearing his crocs! bis step in our house!

i got my garden ready for planting and last night drew and i put up my pea fence and planted my snap peas. can not wait to get the rest of it in the ground.
loving the time we are spending outside. dillon must have 5 outfits on a day. from being completely full of mud from the garden..or soaking wet from the water... and not being warm enough to be in just a diaper all day...we change and change again.
preslee is getting so big. i can hardly believe it. and the strawberry blonde hair!?!? i can hardly believe that either. i guess i always expected to have blonde kids. that is b.c my sister have three blonde blonde blonde kids and it is what i had in my mind. when d was born i almost fainted. i should have know it was a possibilty. come on now--drew has black hair too! so when pres was born i was again expecting dark black hair. and she was bald. really?!?! bald. i could hardly believe it. and now it is coming in a little strawberry. some of it white else. but i guess it proves you really have no idea.
she really is a easy going baby. last week we got to spend some time just her and i.
oh how i loved that.
i feel like we never get that alone time.
i also forgot how easy it is to have one child around. wow. putting one baby to bed... wow. i do not even remember what it was like to have one child running around here.

dillon loves worms.
and miss p loves "so big".

dillon goes "working" now. to "making money"
tonight on the deck he would get in his car and say "going working" get out and take his keys. and go to the other side of the deck and come back and pretend to hand me money. i asked him how much he made and he would say "four" every time. back to the car. drive. and again and again he would go working to make money. oh i love that his imagination is starting to go.... i love this kind of play time!
spent some time with one of my dear friends and her son (and soon to be baby too) in fargo. the boys had fun running around the mall yelling "happy feet". love when they actually play and laugh together!

watching "the voice" . tim mahoney was sent home. i love him. MN boy!!!!
news is on. my cue to go.

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The Badureks said...

I LOVE reading your posts and catching up on pictures. :) So cute!!! xoxo


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