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i have finally gotten some of my pages uploaded! i have not gotten much done since we got home from our girls weekend!! but i think this weekend--when drew is gone again hunting i can start back up!
drew was gone all weekend for opening of deer hunting! they did not have as much luck as thye wanted--too much corn still standing in the fields! that does not help their odds! but they did get 3 in their group! he came home with a little cooler and when i asked what was in it he told me "i didnt want to know" it was a heart and he ate it tonite! i should be used to this stuff he does it every year but i still get grossed out when it sits in the sink and looks so gross!
his mom brought us over some homemade chicken noodle soup tonite! it was so yummie
thanks Becky!!! i need to learn to cook pronto!
this saturday baby barker had his first shower! my cousins shannon, jenny and my sister threw us a shower! it was nothign but perfect!! with alomost all the women in my family plus becky and jenn and betsy--with her
most adorable son Hayden! he is the perfect little boy! if we could only be so lucky to have one just like him! he just giggles and smiles and hangs out! so cool and calm! i just love him!!! we got great gifts from all!! i can not wait to get the closet stuff installed (oh and painted..YUCK) so i can start getting it all put away! you know it is your first baby when you hang all of your onesies! --- so pathetic!
my sister might be having a baby anyday now!! i am so excited to meet our new nephew!!!
going to go watch desperate housewives!!!
good night all.

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BetsE said...

You are so sweet to say such nice things about Hayden. Your boy will be a good little boy too and I know he and Hayden will be such good buddies! I can't wait! I had a great time at your shower! Only a tiny bit left! :) I looked at what you journaled on your page "then & now" and I started to cry! So sweet! Talk to you soon!


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