All about Baby Boy Barker.
Your baby's birthstone will be Amethyst (Sincerity)
Your baby's Astrological Sign will be
Your baby's Flower is
Violet or Primrose (Violet, Sky Blue or Yellow)
Your baby will be born in the Chinese Year of
The Ox
This time next year your baby will be
41 Weeks Old!
Your baby will start kindergarten in 2014,
be old enough to drive a car in 2025,
finish high school in 2027,
and will graduate from college with the class of 2031, give or take a year.
Can you imagine?
had a doctors appt yesterday! everything still looks perfect! (only a mom can say that) grew 4 cm in 2 weeks---so we might be looking at a closer due date.....he is going to keep a close watch and maybe do another ultrasound later if needed to see if this little boy is not so little!!


administration said...

That's so exciting! I'm so anxious to meet him-you're in the home stretch. It's so weird to think that far ahead, but I know it will come faster than we think. Our boys will be graduating together-yikes! See you tomorrow night! I'm so excited!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

When is his due date? My bday is Feb 6th, maybe you should shoot for that date! ;)

Linds said...

oh meagan...im going to pray every night for you to have a 7 pound baby. :) trust me you dont want to have a 10 pounder like miss kobey jean! not fun...i'll just leave it at that. :)


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