73 degrees in NOVEMBER


this would have been cuter.......we kind of forgot to take a picture earlier!!! but you get the idea! we scrambled for yellow shorts for his costume and then last minute i had to finally go to the reserves and sew him a pair! what?!?!? i know i know what you are all thinking me... sew shorts.... believe it or not----they were pretty good and stayed together all night! he looked pretty darn cute! as for me i was just swollen and pregnant!

it was 73 as a high today!! what.. we had snow last week and we are supposed to have it again this weekend but today they tease us with this weather!??!?! crazziness!!!
we had a great halloween weekend! we spent halloween @ a friends house...... with baby peyton! she is getting so big... we watched some hockey and caught up! saturday we headed up to warren MN to a friends party! we went as JUNO and BLEAKER!!!! i was so excited about our costumes and we show up and some friends of ours had the same idea! only thing is i had one up on her!! i am really pregnant.. no pillow needed here! we had a good time--not much sleep but sunday we caught up on that!
tonite we went on a walk with the great weather and them power cleaned the house! drew thinks i am already nesting---i kind of was going crazy with the cleaning! but cleaning could never hurt this house! i should do it more often i think!!!
i have got to spend some time with the birdwells lately!!! it has been so fun to hang out with the kids.... and of course mandy and rich too!!! the pictures of mandy and the kids and i are @ the apple orchard in stillwater!!! i have not stopped eating HONEYCRISP apples since i left there! sure wish they were as cheap as braeburn!! mandy is due in a couple of weeks with a baby BOY!! i am so excited to meet this little boy! it wont be long!! we are excited to spend some time with them over the thanksgiving weekend! he should be here by then---
ps... only 95 days to go!!!!!


Becky and Greg said...

You guys look GREAT!! Just perfect - and you sewed the shorts!!! You are multi talented! Your baby bump is sooooo cute!

Billie said...

Awesome costumes! I thought this was the best idea EVER!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Awesome costume! You look great! I am way impressed that you sewed shorts.....

the ritchie's said...

Hi Meg,
The costumes turned out great. If there was a contest at your party I vote for you two. Love your creativity. I was thinking next year for Halloween with all the kiddos we should have a theme and all go trick-or-treating together...start thinking!

Vee said...

omg, love that you two were juno ad bleeker!!!! awesome :)


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