whoop whoop

it is a sunny 70 degrees (atleast it feels like it) here in detroit lakes mn!! i am loving this weather!! we have gotten alot in today already a doctors appt, ms walk, visit to my gramma, visit to our friends the pflepsens and now home napping and reading! and it is only 5pm! and tonite we are going to grill burgers and i just got a call my parents are coming to stay over! they just flew in from mexico from a vacation with my sister and her family! sounds like they had a great time and are very tired! :) cant wait to see them!
sad news is bon jovi and chris daughtry are in fargo tonite... we had tickets and for some odd reason decided to not go and sell them. i am not sure why we decided to do that?! i think that was a bad spur of the moment decision! oh well.......
a random pic of gift tags. i always love making tags....i am not sure what it is about them.. i love how small they are. i can get them done fast. people love having personalized tags --- i just love it!!!
better get downstairs to make sure the bedding is clean for my visitors!!! :)

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