weekends are never long enough.

i swear that an hour only lasts about 30 minutes on the weekends. it never feels like you have a full day. friday night drew and i went to fargo to do some shopping for our upcoming trips! there is nothing like getting him shopping when he is in a good mood! but one thing i find not fair is that he bought more than me! i am not sure how that works out..... oh well i have 2 weeks to keep shopping! :) so we got some good shopping time in and then met his sister jenn and her boyfriend mike! who we love (both of them) for a drink, gossip and a lot of laughing and reminiscing of old times!! it is so fun to get together with them! so glad she found such an awesome guy! :)
saturday we got up early... we got so much done. christmas lights came down, recycling got the center, garden was raked, garage swept, both of our closets cleaned, piles made for the goodwill, we both got a catnap, ok it was about a 2 hour nap.. it was perfect! then we made the treck over to spankys with drews parents! had a great supper. drew and i had never been there-----well worth it! on the way home it turend from rain into snow and poor becky was our driver--trying to keep it on the road.... it was total craziness! that was @ about 9pm and it did not stop until sunday @ about 10pm. no one beleives me but i think we got about 2 feel of snow! :( but today it is so sunny and the snow is melting like crazy!
sunday is NASCAR day around the barker household.... so we never get much done! i can not even think of one thing we did! we did go over to ZORBAZ for the first part of the race! i got some sewing done for
Spoiled Rotten and some much needed scrapping done! :)
one more thought
"be who you are and say what you feel
because those who mind dont matter
and those who matter dont mind!"

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