new shoes.....

got some fun new shoes. that is exciting but the best part is the story of how i got them.
so friday night when we were shopping i found these shoes and drew talked me out of buying them b/c i have too many and i had just ordered a couple online for summer.......so much to my dismay we left w/o buying them. so on my way home on Tuesday from SD for work i thought i should stop @ the mall and go buy those shoes b/c i deserve them. and i can. that is what i was sayin to myself. so i go in to the store talking to my girlfriend and telling her the story of how i should not be buying them but i will surprise drew with my new purchase! so then i turn around and there he is...........i nearly dropped my phone. why is he @ the malll?!?!? he is allergic to it?

me: what are you doing here?

he: no, What are you doing here?

me: um well.....

he: you ruined my surprise.

me: you ruined my surprise.

blah blah blah.....

he: well go buy them since you enjoy the transaction so much.

( and i sure do) he knows me so well.
what are the odds that we are both there @ the same time buying the same thing! so funny... i could not stop laughing. but i got my shoes and almost got 2 pair!! :)
arent they so cute?!?!?!?! was not a fan of them when i first saw them but not i do love them. but now i just have to make sure they look cute on with some cute outifts! b/c shoes do make the outift most of the time!!!


Becky and Greg said...

They are CUTE shoes and the story is even cuter!! He can be a sweet guy even though he acts so tough most of the time!!

JJB said...

I love that my big brother does stuff like that! What a guy :)

BetsE said...

Jason needs to take some notes from Drew! That is awesome and I absolutely LOVE the shoes! I can't wait to go shopping for cute shoes/clothes again! :)

amber b said...

meg! what a cute story! i havent read your blog for so long but whenever i do there is always some cute story on there! what a guy! very cute shoes- you know you can always buy outfits to match the shoes!


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