progress has been made

not much but some on baby barkers rooms.
more just in the details.
this weekend when we were @ my sisters place for thanksgiving we took the fabric i thought i had wanted to baby chases crib to see how it would look.....well it is not as cute in between all the slats of the crib as i thought it would be----but the good news is she had some new fabric for burp cloths which i fell in love with! it will be perfect for the bumper. adds some more color to the room...... already got it in the mail from when i ordered it sunday too! looks so cute.
mom it is coming your way soon!
picked a paint color for the wall and also picked up the dresser from my parents house monday night!
and got a christmas tree too!!! the went and graciously cut one down for us on sunday--so monday night we wrapped it up----litterally in industrial wrap and put it on my car!! i looked like a clampit on tuesday driving around for work.... i had a dresser, all of my boxes for work stuffed in where they would fit... and bags and bags of stuff i need to return... plus my stuff for overnight!! i was plum full!!! i made it home and so did the tree!!!
drew had a great trip to SD with the boys for pheasant hunting! he does not know how he could top this trip..... they maxed out everyday easy--and had perfect weather and good company! glad thay all made it home safe! just another trip he will now add to his list of many every year! and he thinks scrap weekends are expensive! ?1!?!?!??!?!
he is now out for their first night of curling! back at it---we girls have he year off from bowling.. i miss it a bit---it was so nice always having a girls night every week! now with all of us so busy with babys and no for sure plans it gets harder and harder to get together regularly!!! especially now this time of the year!
had a docs appt yesterday and everything is good! so excited to meet him in about 9 weeks! i can not believe it is coming this fast. i better get painting! mb

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Billie said...

You crack me up. "not as cute in between all the slats of the crib"? Really? Sh#$...we just put a comforter in there and called it good! :-)

Regardless... I can't wait to see the room AND the baby that goes with it.

Love you!



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