life @ home

we are adjusting to life @ home.
time is a bit lacking on all ends of our life!  but everyone is happy and healthy and GETTING along and that is all that matters to me! 
sleep is something that is lacking on everyones end too. poor dillon hears pres cry in the night and gets up and sometimes can not get back to sleep!  so naps are needed around here!  for daddy too!
laundry, emails, vacuuming, cleaning and anything else that is not a NEED TO DO has not been done!
so no i am not ignoring you.  just adjusting.  i will be back to normal soon!

preslee and her new friend reagan (isnt she cute?) who was born 3 days after miss P.  they will be so fun to watch grow up together!  and it was fun to have company in the hospital!

lots to update on. lots of picture to get on my computer still.
my computer--some of the keys stopped working.  one more thing to get fixed.  along with dillons ipod.  apple has got the best of me this week! !!  

dillon has been the best big brother.  helps me gets diapers, rocks her in her swing, tried to give her a "me" (paci) even if she does not want it.  gives her many kisses and hugs too.
having lunch with the girls.  dillon is napping--and with drew working in town today he is sticking around so pres and i can go see the girls!!!  xoxoxoxo


Emily said...

You look great MEG! And she is such a doll!

Cherry Blossoms said...

You make such a wonderful mom! The kids are precious and glad everything is going well for all of you!!

amber b said...

love the pics thanks for taking the time to share them :)

Breanne Crawford said...

so glad to see you! she is the cutest thing ever and dillon looks like he's the best big brother ever!! enjoy these moments and don't worry about anything in blogworld -- this is your time!


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