we are here!

it hit me today as i was driving home from picking up D @ daycare and as i looked in the rearview mirror and he smiled----it was a spitting image of his daddy from that age! and yes i know i know everyone has said he looks like him since the day he was born but today more than ever!!! i keep fighting that he looks like me and i think i have come to terms that mostly ok no he doesnt... (but there are certian expressions that do) but i seriously pulled over to look again!
where have we been? i dont know.
we had dillons baptism almost 2 weeks ago now. it was perfect! the whole family was here except rich-- thanks everyone for coming and all of the great presents! dillon and i just got done reading on the veggie tale books--they are so cute! :)

we just got back from a walk! much needed fresh air for all of us!
i think dillon might be getting even more teeth! his 2 bottom ones are so cute--i can not imagine anymore!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

He is so dang cute! It seems like babies always look like their daddies when they are infants. It's kind of nature's paternity test, I guess! ;)

Kelli said...

Such a cutie!!! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Breanne Crawford said...

oh he is just SO dang cute!!!

bethchien said...

hahah OmG!!! he is TOO CUTE!!!

Billie said...

These pictures are so cute that I can't decide which one to use as a background! What am I going to do when I won't be on Munson Lake every weekend to see how much he has changed in a week??????? He will be growing up way too fast without me!

BetsE said...

LOVE the picture on the dock! Can he be any cuter? Honestly! :) Hope all is well with you guys. We will be at the lake over labor day weekend. If you are around we would love to see you guys.


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