home sweet home....

we got home early this afternoon from our scrapbooking weekend! we had a great time but i think we were all ready to get home to relax and get out of those chairs!! 16 girls, lots of food, drink and talk!
and not much sleep......
got home to spend a couple of hours with drew b/f he left for the cities for the week! now i am getting lots of good TV time..... i have no energy and my feet need to relaxation!
today drew got to feel the baby or "dALE" as we call him move and kick around. that was something that i have been waiting for for a long time!
i am so excited--i ordered our stroller on thursday. i changed my mind from the one i first wanted--
but i love love love this one!
so excited to get it here!

have a great week everyone!

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amber b said...

hope your tootsies are feeling better!!! had so much fun with you this weekend-- see you again in 6 days!!


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