new jackity jackers!!!!

we have added 3 new jackers over @ scrapjacked! who will rock your world-go check them out!!! and go back on the 15th to see the new ghostly jack!!!!
here are my jacks of our new girls!! these girls are so inspiring and just lvoe art like all scrapbookers! thanks for the inspiration and so excited to have you on the DT!

it is ahrd to see all of the little parts of this layout but i love this. simple simple simple.
and i love this picture of us from vegas in sept! i love you aab!

this is chase and dillon playing. well chase showing dillon who is in charge!! it is going to be so much fun watching them grow up together. being 2 months apart---there will be trouble.
but i love trouble! i love mischief! and i cant wait!!!

love these pictures that my sister caught of myself and her two oldest kids playing @ the cabin one afternoon. i always cherish the time i get to spend with j and j. they are such a part of my life and i love them so much! they are for sure 2 of the funniest, most loving, kid and beautiful kids i know. i am so lucky! cant wait to see you guys next week!!!
love you. mimi


TLF said...

The D&C is my fav! ;)

Emily said...

Lovin these layouts!


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