Still looking for our new jacker!!!

Have you been hesitating because you don't know what the perfect page is to send in? (there is no perfect page! we just wanna see you!)

Do you keep saying to yourself... I'll get to it later! Right now I'm _______ (fill in the blank) so I'm too busy. (we're not asking for much! just a page and a short who are ya!)

Do you think you're not good enough and definitely won't get picked because you're a "nobody"? (we love new, fresh talent!)Do you not remember our email address? (scrapjacked@gmail.com)

Did you forget that the deadline is so soon!? TUESDAY the 15th!!!

The new jack will be up tomorrow! dont forget to check it out!!!! here is a sneak peak of my jack!!! come back to see the inspriation from so many wickedly talented ladies.... and we have a guest jacker and an awesome jack to show you!!! come get your jack on!!!

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