i didnt know DJ AM died earlier this week?!?! who knew...
the Duggars are having their 19th child... yikes. we dont know if we are ready for number #2!
Heidi Montag (Speidi) performed the other night on Miss Universe! seriosuly who booked that?
dillon wore about 6 outifts yesterday alone! spitting up has been getting worse by the day! i am guessing he is getting more teeth.
friday had a fun supper @ the hochgrabers! thanks for the great food and company!
saturday went swimming with miss audrey and amy and then off to potato days with all 6 of us!
nana and papa are coming this weekend to watch dillon while we head to VEGAS for a long weekend! he is excited to have some nana and papa time!
dillon and i are home today! miss b @ daycare called last night and took a personal day! a perfect excuse to stay home and hang with Dillon! but what to do what to do. too cold to go in the lake... maybe it will get sunny and we can play in the sand! or to the pool @ the club!
but now its nap time!!! :) for him and clean time for me.

aj and dillon! and dillon decided instead he should steam roll her!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks for bringing me up to date on pop culture. :) I had read about DJ AM but didn't know the other news. How did Speidi book that gig? Sheesh?

I love that Drew steam rolled that girl! Hilarious!

Vee said...

so sad about DJ AM!! I can't believe the Dugger mom is having another one, yikes! I can barely keep up with the two I have! :) Are you ready for fall tv?! :)


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