i gotta feeling.....tonite is gonna be a good night!!!

i might need to expand my horizons a little! i love cardigans! i wear them to work, out, the play each and everyday you might catch me in one! these are my new favorites! i just love adding flowers to them to dress them up a little!
tonite we are having a girls night out to BRITNEY! and i am not ashamed to say i am so excited--not only for a girls night in GF but to see the train wreck that this might be! i know she does not sing but the dancing will be awesome and the outifts and i guess the atmosphere in general! and of course the company!!!

this is my documentation of my life @ 09:09am 09/09/09 driving like always!!

speaking of driving i got a new car yesterday! that is the best part about my job i get new cars! there is nothing like a new car and how clean they are! give me a week it will look like i have had it for months!

added a fun new item to my etsy shop today! the one i posted i made last night b/f i went out and love it!! i think i will wear it again tonite! go check it out here!

went out last night to a party- a friend we had met @ baby class @ the hospital hosted a party for all of the babies! so fun. we had a group of 10 kids who will all be the class of 2027! yikes that seems so far away! the kids were all so cute. and everyone had a great time! thanks olsons!

better get some stuff done b/f i head out! its BRITNEY B*TCH! cant wait to see you girls!


the ritchie's said...

Geez Meg I'm jealous of your lil' shopping spree. All super cute. But you always are :) yes your arm corsage last night was adorable! Hope you have a blast at the concert and with the girls.

Debbi said...

Hi Meg! I was at Britney too! And I'm not embarrassed to say I sang and danced like I was 20 again! So fune! Who cares if it was listening to the CD - had a great night! Thanks again for the headbands. The girls LOVE them! I'll be in touch for one more for Kate! Hope you had a great time last night.


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