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@ 09.09.09 @ 09:09am/pm
we are back from vegas and so happy to be back! we had a great time but i now need some rest! we didnt win millions--or lose it either! thank godness! but we did get some sun! which we really needed since MN has not had as much as we wished for! the lazy river, wave pool and our chairs were the desitnation for much of our time there! the wedding was great, so fun to see so much family, saw PEEPSHOW! (holly madison is not much of an actress) but fun to go see!
so glad to be home to our baby!!! it is amazing how much you can miss someone in such a short perios of time!!! didnt find him anythign vegas that he needed but some much needed quicksilver apparel @ the beach shop! and he recieved some awesome kicks, shorts and a tee from the california aunts! :) can not wait for him to be big enough to wear them!!!
as the mn family we decided to try to give the CA cousins a show and learned the beggining of the THRILLER DANCE and performed @ the dance! they were pretty impressed and even wanted lesson later! it is now the new tradition that @ all family weddings--we wil perform! i think we need to learn some more moves though and maybe practice a little more! but we did get some compliments!!! :) we had a fun time doing it! you might want to check utube or maybe we will be on the today show soon! ok maybe we were not that good but maybe someday!
thanks everyone for the fun weekend!
thanks so much to nana and papa for coming to stay with dillon here while we were away! it sounds like all were well and had a great time! dillon sends you kisses and hugs today! i can tell he was spoiled by them b/c when i laid him down for his nap and tonite for bed he cried when i left the room! he has not done that in months! or maybe he just missed me?!?!?!
some fun pictures from the weekend!

ok i am now officially up too late!
off to bed!

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Looks like you had a blast! Good for you for getting away.

My hair is finally getting long enough for headbands. I need to order one from your store!!


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