in love with this....

how can you not love matilda jane!!! last night we were out for a friends bday and started talking and matilda jane came up......and i am just in love with it. i might be a bit weird if i dressed dillon in them but gosh i wish i could...... someday we will have a little girl and no matter if these are in style she will be wearing them!!!

just to be fair i ordered myself some more pants. and i can not wait to get them!
i wear my linen ones all of the time! maybe too much!

i have been crafting a lot lately and now i tivo regis and kelly and today when i got home i watched part of it---i can not wait to make a necklace like kelly was wearing!
i love love love it! too cute. i am so excited to get out and find the perfect vintage pearls/beads!!!! :) thanks kelly for the inspiration!

so excited greys and the hills staart soon!!! gossip girl started..and sadly i have one more i can not wait to see-so you think you candance!!! it is such a great show!

everyone have a great night.

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Emily said...

Meg...I love the hills..we are so going to have to dish about it! heehee...


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