picture overload....

i have so many pictures..... i took over 200 just today. i can not seem to help myself!
we had a great weekend @ home. friday night we had some friends over for a pontoon ride and my version of a gourmet meal (papa murpheys) saturday we went for a boat ride, dillon and i went on a walk, took naps and dillon went to bed super early-right after he got up from a nap so drew and i had a little bonfire. our first of the year! sad :(
today we met gram and grandpa barker and aunite jj for lunch and then came home. they came to visit for awhile and jj brought him some adorable clothes for this winter including the hat in the picture below! he didnt mind it too bad! he usually forgot about it soon after he got it on! thanks jj! we love them!
we also came to the conclusion if dillon got nothing else from me he got my big goofy smile! he is alwasy smiling and so funny! we could not be luckier! he rolls around like crazy, loves bath time, loves to wrestle with daddy, loves grabbing bailey's tail or whatever he can reach, eats 2nd stage food each meal!, such a good sleeper!
but now that he is sleeping i might so scrapbook or make something! drew is watching the cowboys game which sadly i dont care about so....i will find something to do.


Cherry Blossoms said...

So adorable! I just want to squeeze those little cheeks

Emily said...

Your little boy is so adorable!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh he is so darn cute. I love his pudgy cheeks. He is so smiley!

the ritchie's said...

Ok I don't think there is such a thing as picture overload. Dillon will look back one day and just be so happy to have so many great pictures that you take Meg.
My fav is the one where Dillon is watching Drew in the boat. So cute. Dillon has a great smile- you are right.

Breanne Crawford said...

he is just SO dang cute, meg. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of thim tanding at the boat. and with the hat on. agh. i love babes in hats.


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