i cant sleep.....

(written sunday night)i am never up this late. never never never. ok well not never but on school nights i am never up this late! for some reason my brain is going a mile a minute so i am abck out of bed and watching CSI and going through my pictures from the weekend! which i thought i had lost all of them. we were leaving GF after a day full of homecoming events and @ our last stop of the day our old stomping grounds--THE RED PEPPER and i was taking a picture of Dillon by his newly etched initials in the booth and my camera told me it was not formatted and then it said i had no pictures filed...... my heart started racing and we went to the car and i immediatly called my sister..the photographer and camera guru. she calmed me down and the 2 hour drive home i thought about those darned pictures.....but as mandy said when i connected my my computer they uploaded out of nowhere!! thank goodness!!!! not like anyone really cares but i now have all of the pictures safe and sound on my external hard drive. :) did not get a single good picture of all of the babies together!!! oh well. they sure were cute together. now that they can all move, touch and pull!
friday we had a sick baby! well he still sick but yesterday he toughed it out all day like a trooper and was such a perfect little guy all day @ UND homecoming!! he is obviously a big SIOUX fan already to be such a trooper and then today go back to not feeling well @ all. i hate when he is sick. they say it is viral and there is nothign they can do. so i have to wait it out i guess. which i hate!
so friday we did a lot of cuddling. auntie jj was here thursday night and friday. she got lots of snuggles! we are so lucky to have her so close. so fun to have her here! thanks for coming jj. come back anytime and stay!

then we had another visitor. papa came! my dad was picking up a new trailer for the pontoon and had to drop it off @ the cabin so he came and stayed with us friday night! but of course by the time we woke up saturday we was gone! we should not have let him go to bed so early. we went to bed @ 9. no kidding. we are that exciting we all went to bed! sorry dad. and friday when jj was here we went to bed @ 10:30 i think. and that might be stretching it a bit! :)
and now i am up and it is almost midnight. yikes!
new pictures for my etsy site. jj was my perfect model friday! thanks jj for being such a sport. she was a model in earlier years so i knew she would be perfect! your the best! :)

(continued monday night.....)
dillon is growing like a weed
creeping like crazy and crawling a little bit!
still a bit sick! hope he gets better b/c i am heading out for a meeting the rest of the week
maybe getting some more teeth?
there is snow in ND!! 3 inches in some places. yikes! tell me again why i live here!?!?!??!
too tired to stay up!
goodnight all.


amber b said...

megs if i would have known you were up i would have called i couldn't sleep either! it was so great to see you guys Saturday and to have the babies all together.love the new bracelets :)

Billie said...

It was so fun to see Dillon all decked out in Sioux clothes at his very first Homecoming! He loved the watching the team warm-up and of course the band was fascinating, too. I got to show him off at half-time!

E said...

Please send me that photo of you, me and D.....please. now. erica_shively@hotmail.com. Love you!

BetsE said...

Hey! Do you have any wristlets on hand that you could bring to cooking club on wed? They are so cute and I would love one!!! I don't even know if you are coming. Hope so! Been awhile since I have seen you. If you don't have any on hand or not enough time to make one I totally understand. Thanks!!! :)


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