chip and sadie!!! those were my gerbils names.....not chip and dale like i had said---those are male dancers! ooops...... as i laid in my last night i was thinking about my gerbils--i obviously need more to think about or i need better sleep.
anyway i am up watching criminal minds @ 6am.
i have been up since 4--can not sleep.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You are too funny, Meg!!!

I can't believe you were up so early! Is the baby keeping you awake? Are you at 32 weeks now? or 34? I am so bad at figuring out the # of weeks a person has left!!

Glad you had a great Christmas!!

the ritchie's said...

If I knew you were up at 4 I would have called you to come over to come play with Hattie. That is when she decided to wake up today too. Sorry you are not sleeping well. We are around next week and would love to grab lunch Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday. Have a Happy New Year's!!

Billie said...

Chip and Dale...cartoon chipmunks, right? Or, maybe you just have Dale Jr. on your mind. :-)


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