new computer.....new woman

i feel like a new woman with this computer! it is so much faster and i am in love!!!!!
had a fun weekend--got some christmas shopping done while drew was at his parents farm helping getting ready for the big auction sale on FRIDAY!!!!! it is coming up so fast! i think it will be very bitter sweet. and COLD. but it looks like they are very ready for the day and all the machinery looks so great!
saturday night we went w/our friends dan and megan to the FARGO FORCE hockey game! good game and we won! i say we as i know anything about the fargo force. we went out for a little in fargo after the game and then back across the border home! we always have a good time together! thanks for the invite guys!
today we got to sleep in and take a nap! there is not a better day than that! helped megan get some pictures taken for their christmas card and then we got them all ready online too! :)
went to the chinese place to get some consome soup!!! so good...
found asia today sleeping under the tree skirt and later in the bed----she loves to be warm! if we can not find her on a heater vent she is in our bed under the covers!!! she is too cute!

only 8 days of work left b/f my christmas vacation and maternity leave start! not that i am counting!!!
good night.

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Tracie said...

Hi Meg~
Remember me? :) We talked a long time ago at your sis's. I just LOVE seeing your new scrapbook pages. Congrats on getting published again in CK. U R my inspiration. I bet you are excited about baby!! My babies are getting so big.
Anyways, wanted to say hello and love love love your scrap pages.


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