rescue cat!

we had an unexpected rescue @ 1am this morning in the house! i woke to bailey meowing like a crazy cat.... thought he needed food--but he would not follow me downstairs so i knew that was not it..... he just wanted to sit in the the hallway by our room!! so finally i went back to bed---as i lay there i could here this weird sound coming from the hallway-fianlly i got up and turned on the light! and in the vent i could hear some weird noises--i was thinking "MOUSE"....so i woke drew---and we figured out little miss asia had jumped in the open vent from baby b's room that we were painting and was no stuck in the hallway! so we got the vent open and rescued ASIA! she was hapy to be out and is more lovey today than most!!!!! that happened to me when i was young when i had gerbils! my parents we redoing my bathroom upstairs and my gerbils got out or maybe just one i dont remember!!! (chip and dale) but they fell in the hole and ended up in the wall by my parents bed! they woke up to crazy scratching and we had to put a hole in the wall and lure them out with cheese!!!! they were the rescuers that day! chip and dales hero!!!
anywho now the vent is closed so no more exploring for her!!!!
we had a great christmas! time with family is always good! ate too much, laughed alot, (they thought i was going to go in to labor whie playing catch phrase) got fun new presents, baby "dale" barker got lots of new clothes, books, dishes, travel supplies, blankets and much more! thanks to you all!!!!
we started (i know finished should be what we did but .....nope started) baby's room yesterday........ greg and becky came over and we got the 2 coats of primer on the awful crazy bright blue that has been on there since we moved in covered with a tan/brownish primer color!!! so now we wait till thursday when my parents come to texture the one wall and then we go ahead with the ceiling and the walls---the fan and the closet system!! i am so excited and now can see the end and then i know i get to start filling his closet and putting stuff away! his dresser is ready to go and his chair should be arriving in St cloud anyday too!! we saw the crib process and it looks beautiful! can not believe we will have a little boy sleeping in there in a couple of weeks!!
no plans for today---hanging out all day i guess..... drew went off to work early. back to the real world i guess atleast for the day!
hope everyone had a great christmas and is looking forward to the new year!
you can count on it that we are!


amber b said...

what a story about bailey and asia! i would have thought it was a mouse too and been FREAKING out. Love the Christmas pics-- your nephews and neices are SOO adorable! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas- can't wait to get together for our "3rd Annual" Barker-Buzick Christmas! I say we wait until the boys are born...then it can be their first Christmas together!

Shelley said...

Nice picture from Christmas eve but half the family is missing. It makes me sad.

Aunt Shelley


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