the evolution of baby b's room

it alll started as my scrapstudio! that makes it sound real nice doesnt it!?!??! so i guess it really went from a really messy craft room with the ugliest blue walls ever to baby barkers room. it is not done so more pictures to come! the rocker is getting picked up this weekend and the crib wil be here soon!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a ton to our parents for all of their work! Greg (drews dad) helped us prime after christmas and then my parents came on the 1st for a couple of days for full time work! we tectured the closet and one wall--filled holes (oops i made those) painted and got the closet ready too!!! it looks so amazing! it is so cozy and warm-i love love love it!!!!!!
thanks for all of your help! we owe you big time! i will take more pictures when i have more stuff put away--- his closet is already full!
can not wait to change his clothes aboput 10 times a day! just for fun! :)


BetsE said...

I can't wait to see the finished room! And the baby that goes in it! :)

miche said...

that stroller looks like it could run mine over like a monster truck! i wish i had found a seperate stroller rather than picking out a travel system... next time!

every once and awhile i check your blog and get baby fever!!! i think i need another one... Jacks is almost 1! where did the time go? don't forget to sit back and enjoy the moment(!!) every now and then b/c soon enough you'll be commenting on someone else's newborn while you wonder where all the time went!

best wishes in the last few weeks of your pregnancy and good luck with the next step :) you will be such a good MaMa!


mandy said...

love love love it! Cant wait to see it in person! I can not wait to meet my sweet little nephew and hold him and snuggle him!! You are going to be such an amazing mother .. i cant wait!!!
love you. m

Breanne Crawford said...

look at that baby room!!! i love it!!

ExecSearchPro said...

wow! parker barker is going to be one lucky, spoiled little baby! :-) So cute! Love it!


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