i love this......

i love these videos... i remember them from last year but forget how funny they are! so go ELF YOURSELF!!!! and giggle like we do. i have been seeing them on friends blogs again and also getting emails.... i always giggle!

i have been sick since tuesday and feeling better now and then!! well today we went to the hospital..... nothing like a dry run for what is to come in a couple of weeks!!! we hung out for about 6 hours.....getting iv fluids-tests and some rest on the comfy beds of St Mary's!!!! the highlight of the day was i got the great crushed ice!! i love that stuff!!!! feeling better right now! just hoping it stays this way now. but baby barker is as healthy as can be from what they can tell---we listened to his heart the whole day and nothing is abnormal! it sounds as if we will be doing another ultrasound soon to see how big he is since i am still measuring a couple of week ahead.... so that 47 days might be about 30!!! yikes stripes!

thanks to my mother in law for the soup it was wonderful!!! and the cookies.. thank goodness i am feeling better so i could have one or maybe two!!!

i can not beleive it is almost christmas.... time is flying by! we are now ready though---all presents are bought and wrapped up too! i thought it would be cute to buy bailey and asia some cute little santa jackets--since the love sitting under the tree i thought it would be the best picture!! well last night my friend megan was over and i thought i should put it on mr bailey---who is our cranky cat! well to say the least---at first it was funny.. he could not move he was mad-but i have never seen a cat jump straight up in the air like he did!!! then i started getting sad b/c he was dying to get out of it......drew and megan wrangled him down and got it off... still not sure how but it came off---he forgot already b/c he cuddled with me today on the couch! thank goodness he does not hold grudges... but wishing we had a video camera.... b/c it was craziness around here! he jumped so high he hit me in the nose... not even exxagerating!!

going to go watch COLD CASE!!!


the ritchie's said...

meg, you take care of yourself and i really hope you are feeling better soon. you are on vacation now...you can't be feeling crappy. get well!!!

amber b said...

if you get to have your baby before me, I am going to be very jealous!! :) just kidding, I hope you are feeling better-- take care!!!


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