merry christmas eve everyone!

we are still @ home--packing our car for our couple of days away!
we slept in--there is nothing like waking up @ 7-and looking outside getting a drink of water and going back to bed!! and then doing that again @ 8.... finally @ 9:30 i got out of bed for good! dale needed his sleep---he is one tired baby!
drew was already up--cleaning the kitchen and making coffee!!!
we are off to gardner to his parents until tomorrow and then we head down to the farm for a couple of days!!! excited to see all the family for the next couple of days!
  • still not feeling too good---hope this does not last till baby b makes his appreance in this world!
  • one random thought----wrapping paper. this year i bought one only one roll--it was a big one. only a couple of inches left and it was expensive but so worth the money! i will enver buy the cheapo stuff again. this stuff made the wrapping process nothing but easy! it cuts so nice, folds so nice and just made all the presents look no nice! it might look kind of boring since they are all the same--but i did use many different ribbons! but it was well worth the money! maybe next year i will go crazy and buy 2 of them!! :)
we said this year no presents for eachother---we got 2 new flatscreens instead and stuff for baby!! we dont need anything. but of course i had to buy him something--nothing big just a new ice fishing chair! so b/f he went out yesterday on the lake i gave it to him! who knew he would come home with a broken chair!! oops! well it was the thoght that counts. and he of course bought me something too--a "pregnancy" day @ the spa! excited to use that maybe next week! thanks--your the best! so our no presents never seems to work! but i can not wait to get that massage! and he can not wait to return that chair and get a better one!

this is one of the many photos mandy took of us this year!
check out her blog HERE.
she is an amazing photographer, sister and friend!! she also did our christmas cards again which turned out so cute! i love love love this picture!! can the background be any better?!?!!?! thanks again mandy for all of your work on these for us! cant thank you enough!

Merry Christmas everyone---enjoy the holidays and be safe! we are getting another storm here in MN/ND!! we just can not seem to get enough snow and wind this year!


amber b said...

what a lucky girl-- a day at the spa--- how wonderful and relaxing! hope you are feeling better-- Merry Christmas to you, Drew, Dale, Bailey and Asia! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love your Christmas card! Your sister is so talented. Is she still practicing as a PA or is the photography gig full time? Her kids are so beautiful!

Enjoy your spa day! Um, and you should tell Drew that it's now customary for the husband to get his wife a 'pushing present'. :)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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