we are off to see the wizard.....the wonderful....

wizard of oz!!!!! dillon looked so cute as a lion! his first halloween was a success! he did have a bit of trouble crawling in the bottoms..... but he looked good! :) and i even got drew to dress up as the scarecrow and me the wicked witch.. i was going to do dorothy but decided it was too much work searching for a costume. i dont like buying costumes for drew and myself--i would rather search and put something together! thank goodness he has a sense of humor and will dress up with me!

here are a couple of my recent layouts from our girls weekend!
so much fun actually getting something done! my bags are sitting in my scrap room all packed up still.. i think it is about time i get done there and clean and unpack......or keep it packed till the next girls weekend which isnt till january..... with this extra hour today you would think i would have found some time to do it... but instead here i am!!!

all boy inspired by this. site sketch 73.
got some work to do..........
and tv to catch up on!


amber b said...

what an adorable family! Dillon was such a cute little lion! I need to get my blog updated - there just hasnt been any time!

LOVE all of your new layouts - makes me even more sad I wasn't able to go to camp - my FAVORITE is the water fight, love how you used paper to make "lines" for your text- might have to jack it! :)

TLF said...

Adorable costumes!
LOVE your layouts.. as usual! ;)

administration said...

Ooooh......Dillon looks so cute! Wish we could've came and seen him in person :(


Emily said...

such a *sweet* costume and some ultra sweet layouts!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Too cute! You guys are such an adorable family!


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