happy veterans day

happy veterans day dad!!! a little early.
you are my hero! (and many other peoples too) and i love you!
thank you for all you have done!
we had a great weekend @ home on the farm. dillon and i left thursday night and drew and his dad came on friday morning to start their hunt!
we got to see duke and dan (the horses), dry apples, see gigi, take naps, eat good food, relax and play play play all weekend! the weather was so perfect.... wish it was not hunting season so we could have actaully gone on a walk! i guess we need to get dillon some camou for next year!
thanks for the hoops gramma--i am going to start working on my project this week sometime!
this might be my favorite picture of the weekend.
this is so dillon. he thinks papa is so funny! and is showing off how big he can make his mouth!
he loves kisses from nana
and even got to see the deer grandpa barker and daddy got! they had a great weekend hunting on my parents and are very pleased with what the ended up with!
gramma gigi and i were @ the table talking and we look over and dillon is all lean back lean back in his chair! so funny! he cracks me up!

gramma gigi, dillon and i got to have lots of quality time together! thanks for the fun weekend gramma!
dillon's top teeth are now coming in. he is still not feeling the best but it is ok---b/c he is loving the snuggle time... and so am i! :)
not much else going on around here!
great MN weather
and working on headbands! :) so many things i want to get done!
working on the guest room---need something new on the wall. and want something easy and simple. can not find the perfect fabric though. might need to go hunting this weekend! vintage. maybe????
gotta watch my tivo--gossip girl! :)


Cherry Blossoms said...

Great Pics there Meg!
Gossip Girl is so darn good! I am loving that they have Hillary Duff as a guest this season.

amber b said...

such cute pictures -- we miss you guys! we should maybe pick a date to do our annual barker-buzick christmas?? If you want some vinyl lettering or decals for your guest room (or anywhere else!) let me know..I have been going NUTS lately making them on my cricut. Bobby would be happy to save one of our walls :)

JJB said...

I vote for a new name for Grandpa Barker...I actually giggled when I read it because it sounds so old!!! Reminds me of my parents talking about old Grandpa Barker! Any ideas for a new name? :-)

BetsE said...

seriously...that picture of dillion and your dad just kills me. so funny that big wide open smile on his face. so cute!! that one of d and your gramma is too cute as well. how special! he even looks like you in that picture. i see more of you every time i see him.

Barker Family Blog said...

I agree with JJB - Grandpa Barker was an old man who walked with canes years and years ago!! And if anyone calls me Grandma Barker I will scream! I loved them - both of them - but it makes me feel really really old when I hear it!!

Meg said...

oh come on you are a grandma and a grandpa! :) its either that or greg and becky!!!

Barker Family Blog said...

Oh I know we are...and I love it!! it's just the name. How about Grandpa Greg and Grandma Becky?? That's sounds much better!

Barker Family Blog said...
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