the new jack is up!

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lots has happened around here. friday got the news we have been waiting to hear--hoping it was better news but.....my job was reallocated. which in a short story means i can take a different job/territory or be done....... lots to think about but the jobs that are available are not in this area and we are not willing to move. so @ some point i will be done---just as to when is the question. drew and i now need to decide.......lots to think about....

besides that life is good!
the weather here in MN is the best november weather i can ever remember! sunday drew did tons of work out in the yard....no more leaves in the yard or in the gutters! him on the roof is a big deal so it was pretty amazing.......he only asked me to hold the ladder once when he was getting down---
getting tons of requests for baby headbands so am starting to work on some so hopefully will have some up in my etsy shop soon!


BetsE said...

i know how you are feeling with the whole job thing. i continue to tell myself that everything happens for a reason. i know the same is true for you. and in the meantime you get to hang out with the cutest little boy in dl! :) can't wait to see the baby headbands and to MAYBE someday have a little girl to wear one! :)

Breanne Crawford said...

madelyn LOVES her headbands from you!!! and we get compliments on it everywhere we go!!


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