2 saltines and 7UP please....

(written a couple of days ago....could not get it to publish)
sadly that was drew and i's thanksgiving dinner..... i had 2 saltines and a bottle of 7-UP. he just 7-UP. food poisoning. so glad we did not have anyone over wednesday night. and so glad we did not give any chicken to dillon. thanksgiving is sure not the same with all of the family around, laughter, good food and of course a nap.
dillon spent the say @ gramma and grandpa's since we spent most of the day in our bed. then the couch.................... we are better now! thank goodness. after an awful 24hours....i got up @ 5am and went to fargo and got tons of shopping done!!! i do not know why i put myself through that.....but with tons done i feel good about it!

on our way to the farm. well first a stop @ too see d's cousins cooper and kobey. then on to oakes to a funeral. then off to the farm for a few days!

SO BIG is my newest and most favorite trick.

we were @ a wedding last weekend!
had a great time. i even got to dance with my little handsome man!! :)
i think the middle picture is just too funny..... and the last one the cutest picture ever!!!
went to the parade of lights last night in perham! ---it was a bit chilly--but with hot coffee good friends and a short parade it was perfect.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh that sucks!! What a terrible time to be sick. :(

Dillon is just too cute for words. He looks like he is the happiest baby!!

Helping All Little Ones said...

We were at the Perham Parade of Lights too. Shoot I wish we would have ran into you guys.

I can't believe how big your little guy is getting. He is so cute and I am sure you will have tons of fun with him at Christmas this year.

Barker Family Blog said...

These are the cutest pics ever! You take the best pics, and you have the cutest subject to shoot! The pics with the remote are to funny!! And the family pic at the parade is darling! I love the one of Pearl too!! What a sweetheart he is. My most favorite little man in the whole wide world!! SO BIG!


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