today i...........

am loving crewcuts.....
the new catalog came today and i can not wait for D to be big enough to wear this stuff... too cute! or i wish i was a 7 year old girl so i could wear the awesome girl fashions!
dillons laugh
he is cracking me up all of the time with his double over belly laugh!
the fall weather
ok maybe it is more like winter already but i love to long sleeves and jeans!!!
i am craving them constantly!
gossip girl and the HILLS
they sadly are so very entertaining to me.

dillon has croup. we were in the ER last night. and he is being treated for influenza too just in case. he has a bit of a fever and was having raspy breathing! tonite he is feeling much better but we will see how the night goes! :) i am camping out in his room with him to make sure all is well. not a big fan of the weird breathing! he is such a laid back boy that he is constantly smiling even though we know he is so not feeling.

here are some more of my recent layouts! the first one is the one that was featured on the Creating Keepsakes blog last week for the CK and me section!!!
better get to bed!!!


Shawna and Chuck said...

Colton had croup for the first time at the end of September... the coughing scared the daylights out of me! The steriod they gave him at the clinic did the trick though... hope your little guy feels well very soon! He sure is adorable.

TLF said...

Love the layouts!
Can you share the link to the CK blog?? Please & Thank You! :)

PS. Hope your little dude feels better soon! =)

the ritchie's said...

Hi Meg.
Your layouts are super fun. Hope little d is feeling better. Enjoy the weekend ahead!!

Breanne Crawford said...

hope dillon is feeling better!!!

and as always, the layouts are fab!


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