we need to hire a baby proofer............

he is crawling everywhere............it is so fun to see him go go go and so exhausting trying to get everything out of the way. it has only been a week... but now i can not remember what it was like with him not on the move!!!! he is so determined and so interested... i love the curiosity in kids... there is nothing better than watching them learn, play and grow.
loving his new converse high tops.

took some photos on sunday with gramma and grandpa. they got some great ones for their christmas card!!!! so cute.

THIS made me happy today!!! sent in some layouts last night to CK and this got on the blog today! so fun!!!!!!!!
tons of layouts to share soon.
i had a great weekend with the girls @ a cabin by brainerd---got tons of scrapping done! learned part of the beyonce single ladies dance.....ok well learn is a strong word.. but we danced to it and had way too much fun!!!!!!! our weekend was full of fun company, so much paper, gossip, drinking, snacks, great food and so much laughing!!!!!!!!! can not wait for our weekend in jan!
drew had a great weekend @ home with dillon. they got tons of fun playing time in and of course lots of much needed naps!!! i missed them tons but there is nothing better than the excitement from dillon when i got home and grabbed him from his crib!!!!!!!!!
going to go lay and cuddle in fromt of the fireplace!
had a day with my manager @ work----need to relax! :)
happy sleeping all.


Cherry Blossoms said...

I just adore Dillon those eyes and cheeks! He is going to be so adorable in those converse shoes!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh he is just too cute for words. Like Heidi said I love those pudgy cheeks. How fun. I can't believe he's already crawling! They change so dang fast!!

Emily said...

Congrats on CK MEG!


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