cathcing up on TIVO

monday night--back to work! i am hanging out in the basement catching up and drew is upstairs watching nothing else but NASCAR!! like always!

had a fun weekend @ a wedding in fargo saturday! friends from college! :)
sunday is nascar day @ our house! so we litterally lay on the couch all day watching cars go in circles!! :) i complain but i can not lie i like it a bit... much more in person -- tv does not do it justice i guess!

when was the last time anybody played bingo!?!??! last thursday i stopped @ my grammas and she was down playing bingo.. so i got to play with her! i sat down @ her table with the other 4 and i won ! i did not even want to yell bingo--but i did get the bingo and won a dime! we had a good time! :) love my gramma! i have been blessed with 2 wonderful grammas! and got to grow up with both of them in my life--- :)

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Shannon said...

mmmmm hot sauce. That's how I feel when I find it here.


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