33 snowmen!

easter weekend was full of excitement @ home on the farm! to sum it all up there was lots of sledding, egg dying, pirate ships, silliness, a babtism, lots of good food, lots of laughing, 33 snowmen in the yard, deer watching, kids giggling, trucks, trucks and more trucks, a snowy easter egg hunt, and of course family.
more to come later---gotta go watch the bachelor!!


BetsE said...

My dad said he saw all of your snowmen! How fun! :) I hope you had a great Easter!

BetsE said...

My dad told me all about your snowmen! Too cute! Looks like you had a great Easter!

Linds said...

Meagan Le...I think I need to teach you and your family how to spell baptism...hehe! Just teasing..your mom spells it funny too. You know I love you anyways!


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