a lifetime movie weekend.....

w/the gloomy weekend it is a great weekend to watch bad movies cuddled up with bailey!!
my scraproom is getting cleaner but the minute! it is so nice to walk in there and have room to get to my table.... the table is still covered with stuff but....getting better!
we have had riley since wednesday! yesterday we had a great idea of taking him to the public beach in town to run around and play but it was so windy it did not last long! our lake is starting to melt a little so we did not want him out on it much!!! i think he thinks we are pretty boring... if it was a bit nicer out we could be outside more.


Mal said...

Tell me about the wind! I was almost blown over more than once yesterday! ps. I haven't seen you in forever! Sad day.

susieknits said...

Tried to find you in DL this weekend! Went to Zorbas and The Holidy Inn and did some singin' (well, I didn't). Had a blast...wish I had had your #. Hope to see you soon.


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