first if you ever get to go on the show WHO WANTS BE A MILLIONAIRE---please ask me to be your life line! i have google up and watch and i am pretty good at finding the right answer!! :) i could help you get that million! google is such an amazing thing!

last night drew and i watched TO TELL THE TRUTH--or something random like that---we were hooked.. we wasted an hour of our lives listening to the girl in the hot seat tell her family and husband she married the wrong person and that she wished she would have married him---adn the kicker was the question that she lost on was "does she think she is a good person?" she said yes.. but the lie detector said she is lying!! :) what....what .. what???!? what a show--this is what the world is coming too. people that want to go on these shows to tell the world their deep dark secrets?!!? strange is you ask me.


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