this is what the easter bunny brought mn!!!

i was so excited yesterday to see some melting spots being made on the lake and now i wake up this morning to severe weather advisories and tons of snow!!! i am making my way down to my parents house today and they (as i saw on the news) have about 8 more inches atleast as of last night! yikes!
dont get me wrong i love snow and how it looks.....but this is the first day of spring!!
other randomness that i posted pictures of....
my new bedspread that i love--bad picture but i sure love it! --- found it @ ikea for cheap cheap cheap!!!
and the other is my favrotie birthday present ever!! for my birthday drew made a homemade caard--he went in my scrapbook room and made it!! i cried! my favorite part of it is that he put the word CUTE across the middle and used my first grade picture on it?!!??!....so random but so cute! i love you drew!!!!

have a happy easter everyone! :) if you are in my area enjoy this last snow!!!

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