search and rescue.

was in full force this morning as we went looking for the other parts to "tommy"
dillon took his new mega block toys in his room last night when we read books and then this morning as we tried to put "tommy" back together--we were missing some pieces.
it was a bit of chaos until we found all of his body part. dillon drove his bike around yelling for him. i finally stepped on him and brought him back to life. and everyone involved is happy!
that was @ 6:30 this am and by 8 am we were having dance party 2011 in dillons room. pres was still sounds asleep and dillon was ready to dance!
he makes me dance on the chair while he wiggles around the room.

((i am ready for drew to be home))
now it it 7:17 and my house is quiet. wow. i love it.
we have had a wonderful weekend. the kids and i got to spend a lot of time with gandma and gandpa (that is what dillon says). thanks for much for helping out as i ran around. as we drove away today as greg was putting dillon in his seat--dillon looked up and said gandma's cookies?!?!? wow--i did not even prep him to say it. that sweet tooth proves he is mine!!!!
dillon had a hair cut.
then jenn my beautiful sister in law got her hair done-as a practice for her upcoming wedding! she looked amazing--sarah you did a great job! thanks for letting us hang out and eat all of your mints!

i have been working on new baby.infant.girlie headbands. i love them.
this is what i hate about creating. i do something new--then i can not stop and it is all i want to do. for some time. then i want to do something else.
my mind is constantly thinking about what i can create next...it does not stop. i think.brainstorm.buy.buy.buy.create.move on.then have tons of leftovers. i should have a shop just to sell all of my stuff. it is the worst habit ever.

my parents headed off to AZ today. they are staying for a month--to try it out. so excited for them. they are already in CO.
drew comes home tomorrow and if i have not mentioned...i am super excited.

i miss having someone around after the kids go to bed. someone to help me play tickle monster. someone to snuggle with. someone for dillon to maybe actually listen too!. and just to be home.
i miss him. can you tell.
had to add some pictures of my little munchkins!
what would i do without these two???

good night all.


The Badureks said...

Love the headbands and the fact that you are always coming up with new ideas!! ♥ You can come and eat mints anytime. :)

Cherry Blossoms said...

I want your talent and learn how to make headbands!

The kids are so adorable! I want to come and play at your house. Where in AZ are you parents staying at? I hope they have a great time here. Its suppose to be 77-80 later this week!

BetsE said...

love the new headbands....maybe a little girl will appear in August that can model your cute, cute things! :)


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